Scarborough Goes on Rant, Blasts Rubio and Jeb: If You Don’t Love It Get the Hell Out!

‘He’s got to quit the Senate if he’s not going to do his job, right?’

SCARBOROUGH: “Usually these stories don’t matter. Marco saying he hated the Senate and workers should be treated tougher. We come from a state with millions and millions of voters. A lot of people went out on the limb electing a young gay. Guy. This is a disaster for him. He says he hates the Senate, can’t handle the Senate and bored with the Senate. You get over 10 million people depending on your representation. If you hate it so much, quit. Go home and let somebody do their job. I say that as a guy who through my fourth term knew I had to go home. One of my kids had diabetes and the other one was like dad, I’ve been without you seven years. I need you to come home. I had to come home. I didn’t just sit there and take a paycheck. I had to make the toughest decision of my life. And I hated leaving the job I love but you know what, I knew I couldn’t represent the people who voted for me and be with my kids full time. At some point Marco has got to quit. He’s got to quit the Senate if he’s not going to do his job, right.”
TODD: “Look at that editorial and combine it with those quotes. Lest say he’s the nominee, Hillary Clinton is going to destroy him by saying I’ve had more obstacles and there’s been a ton of times I wanted to quit. You can just picture how this debate goes. I read that article and thought this is going to be hung around us. This is right after everybody’s saying it’s Rubio the savior. He’s the one the establishment is going to rally around. Barack Obama is giving up on working with Congress too easy. Marco Rubio dealing with speaker, is he going to get frustrated and say I’m tired of Congress?” 
SCARBOROUGH: “Exactly. My pet peeve with Barack Obama is, he gave up. He gave up because it was too hard to figure out how to deal with the Republican Congress. Bob Dole did the honorable thing. He resigned to run for president in 1996. If Marco can’t handle the Senate now, he can’t handle it as president of the United States either. What do you think about the Washington Post article and also this.” 
HUNT: “I think they’re right in the mark. That was a stupid thing to say. He ought to resign now. As Republican governor, he’s not going to run for re-election. He’s put himself in a real jam. I wonder what Jeb Bush was saying the other day. What three things had Jeb Bush rather be doing than be president of the United States? 
BRZEZINSKI: “Cool things.”
HUNT: “We begin this whole segment by talking about the establishment candidates all in single digits. It’s getting to them.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “It is getting to them. You know, we’ve had two presidents. I talked to Barack Obama. I tell you one of the things I didn’t like about George W. Bush, I hated hearing bush, I hate Washington. I never read the papers. If you don’t love Washington, the game, if you can’t sit down with people who want to knock your head off politically, don’t come to Washington. Here we got Marco Rubio, he doesn’t like it. It’s too tough. Jeb Bush, if you don’t like me, I’m going home. There’s a love of the game and I say that it is the most serious game for the biggest country in the world but if you don’t love it like Reagan loved it, like Bill Clinton loved, like J.F.K. Loved it, like Nancy loved it, like newt loved it, get the hell out. Stay on the farm. Don’t come to the BIGS. But all of these people wine. Barack Obama, he doesn’t like Washington. Why did he come here? Stay home. George W. Bush, he really doesn’t like politics. He doesn’t like it, he hates it. Then go home. You know what, you should have been commissioner of major league baseball if you’re contention us of working in Washington D.C.” 
GEIST: “The whole thrust of the campaign now the Washington sucks. You can’t show me one candidate, whose the one who loves the game?”
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s actually the governors.”
GEIST: “John Kasich loves the game. He was down there.”
SCARBOROUGH: “You know who loves the game? Donald Trump loves the game.” 
BARNICLE: “Here’s the trick. You can do all the prancing and dancing and everything about Washington you want. People buy that. You also have to show a little joy in the business.”
BRZEZINSKI: “You want to change Washington.”
BARNICLE: “Politics is about people. You should show a little joy out there. Trump does show zombie czar form of joy. The others look as if they’re about to have a root canal.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck Todd, Ben Carson, it’s sort of a sliced mile. He doesn’t let anything get to him. I love John, I was blown away. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for. He sounded like all the other complainers with that thing of what’s happened to the conservative movement. You look forward and say let me tell you where I’m taking the Republican Party, where I’m taking America. They’re all dower aren’t they, chuck.” 
TODD: “Go grab it. I completely agree. I get it. I think they can’t believe trump and Carson are winning. I get it. They’re having and it’s literally we’re watching them. It’s the first time any of them have felt, maybe that’s the thing. John Kasich never really experienced a setback in his political career. Jeb Bush did in 1994. You would think he would have a little bit more comfort level in dealing with a setback. Marco Rubio has never had a setback. Perhaps that’s what we’re seeing here. Guys that are not use to having setbacks.” 
BRZEZINSKI: “What you’re seeing here is such — Christie has fun.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Christie still has a smile on his face.” 
BRZEZINSKI: “At 20 miles an hour, it’s the whole thing. Al hunt, thank you very much. Chuck Todd, thank you. You’ll be sitting down with Jeb Bush for Saturday’s meet the press.”


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