MSNBC: 4 Polls in 4 Days Show ‘Trump Losing Steam in Iowa’

‘The poll had Trump and Carson tied in August’

"OK. Here we go. So, to politics now, they are multiplying. It’s true. Yesterday it was with two and now it’s four. Four polls showing Donald Trump behind Ben Carson in Iowa. The Monmouth University poll of Iowa Republican caucus conducted through Tuesday to Sunday shows Trump trailing Ben Carson by 14 points. The poll had Trump and Carson tied in August. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are tied for third place with Rubio gaining six points. And the statewide poll from Iowa’s own Loras College finds Carson rising and Trump dropping. Carson is up 13 points to 31 percent, Trump drops six points  to 19 percent. Marco Rubio also gained six points in this poll putting him in third place. All together four polls released within four days of each other showed Trump losing steam in Iowa where the Republican caucus is a little more than three months away."

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