Donald Trump: Burqas Okay Because ‘You Don’t Have To Put on Makeup’

‘I tell you, if I was a woman … I’m ready darling, let’s go’

Donald Trump: Burqas Okay Because ‘You Don’t Have to Put On Makeup’ (Mediaite)

Before describing how hard his life was to Matt Lauer, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defended the use of burqas at his Monday morning rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

According to the Boston Globe, the New York real estate mogul was discussing his plants for expanding the U.S. military when the pseudo-related subject of Muslim women wearing burqas came up. Trump mentioned the religious garb because, though he intends to create the strongest American military ever, he doesn’t want to use it to save women supposedly oppressed by traditional cloths.

“What the hell are we getting involved for?” Trump rhetorically asked the crowd, noting that most Muslim women choose to wear burqas. “In fact, it is easier,” he claimed. “You don’t have to put on makeup… Wouldn’t that be easier?”


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