MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid Slams Sarah Palin ... for Having a Christmas Tree on Christmas

'If Sarah Palin wants us to believe there's only one true meaning of Christmas, she can keep on pretending'

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Goes After Sarah Palin for Having a Christmas Tree (Mediaite)

Filling in for Ed Schultz on Thursday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid went after Sarah Palin for having Christmas trees on Christmas. Yes, it was partly tongue-in-cheek, but Reid did contend it comes across as hypocritical for someone preaching “Christmas purity” to have a Christmas tree in the first place.

Reid said that Palin presents herself as a Christmas warrior, and so therefore she obviously wants to keep all Christmas traditions alive, including the fact that in one part of the Bible, Jeremiah has some less-than-positive thoughts about dressing up trees.

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