Rep. Adam Schiff Denies FBI Is Investigating Hillary Clinton

‘First of all, it’s not an investigation of Hillary Clinton’

SCHIFF: “Absolutely. Hillary Clinton decided to run for president and had high pole numbers. Everything Hillary Clinton has done has been focused on this one witness.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Do you say the same thing of the FBI investigation? We’ve had Clinton laughing at it. We’ve had the president drawing conclusions that angered the FBI. Do you think the active investigation into Hillary Clinton and the use of e-mail is a legitimate investigation? Is it something the FBI needs to continue?”

SCHIFF: “First of all, it’s not an investigation of Hillary Clinton. It’s looking into whether materials were classified at the time, if they were not classified, whether they should have been any steps need to be taken.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Don’t try to change the subject. I’m asking you a simple question. We’ve been friends for a long time. Answer my simple question. Do you think this FBI investigation is legitimate?”

SCHIFF: “Absolutely, I think it’s legitimate for the justice Department to look into the classification and whether any steps need to be taken. That’s perfectly appropriate. What’s not appropriate is to make the suggestion she’s under investigation. That’s not the truth.”

SCARBOROUGH: “I didn’t make the suggestion.”

SCHIFF: “Joe, you were adding she was under criminal investigation.”

SCARBOROUGH: “She’s not under criminal investigation based on my sources that are actually inside the Justice Department government. They are very concerned that some very sensitive information may have gotten out there. I don’t think any of us know how this is going to conclude and we should sit back and let the FBI do their job.”

SCHIFF: “I agree completely. I have a very particular interest in making sure our intelligence is well protected. Let’s look at how this investigation of our committee has been conducted. Last week the chairman issued a 13 page letter saying that Hillary Clinton risked national security by discussing a classified CIA source in her private e-mail on her private server. We learned from the CIA is source isn’t classified and that was a terrible misleading allegation leaked by the committee and that’s how the committee has operated. Yes, it’s the job of the justice Department proper classification along with the intelligence committee. It’s not their job to damage Hillary Clinton and that’s how they’ve operated.”

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