Rep. Ken Buck: ‘I Don’t Like a Ban on Taking Down a Speaker’

‘I don’t like a ban on taking down a speaker until the next election two years later, no’

BALDWIN: “I want to turn to an important perspective on this, Colorado Congressman Ken Buck, a member of the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman Buck, thank you so much for joining me.” 
BUCK: “Thank you.” 
BALDWIN: “We know that Congressman Ryan is set to meet with the Freedom Caucus in just about an hour and 45 minutes. What could he say to you, sir, that would mean you would absolutely support him?” 
BUCK: “I think the Freedom Caucus is looking for a more open process. I think we're looking for a leader that is going to get on TV and advocate for the positions that Republicans take in the House. I respect the fact that he wants to spend more time with his family. I think that money has played too big a role in politics in D.C. and I think that the less fundraising he does, the better the - not just appearance but reality of how he's going to do his job.” 
BALDWIN: “One of the conditions that we just ran through, congressman, you know, includes changing the rules, making it more difficult to overthrow a sitting speaker. And it was Congressman Raul Labrador from Idaho, a leader of your Freedom Caucus, calls that, quote, "a nonstarter." Do you agree with the congressman?” 
BUCK: “Which congressman, Congressman Ryan or Congressman Labrador?”
BALDWIN: “Labrador. Good question.”
BUCK: “I believe that one person being able to file a motion may be able to be changed. I don't think we make it a two-thirds majority. I don't think we make it prohibitive of - for a motion to take down the speaker. I think that we have to make sure that if a speaker does something that embarrasses the House, that House members commits a crime or some other act, that the House can act quickly and take care of that issue. So I think there should be a measure in place –“
BALDWIN: “But let's say - let's say crime aside, when you're saying we make it prohibitive, transition, you don't like what Congressman Ryan is proposing in that regard?” 
BUCK: “I don't like a ban on taking down a speaker until the next election two years later, no.” 

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