MSNBC: Trump Has Been on Top of the Polls for 100 Days

‘Poll also finds New Hampshire Republican primary voters believe Donald Trump is the most ready to be president’


BRZEZINSKI: "So Steve, today marks a milestone in Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Do you know what it is?"
SCHMIDT: "On hundredth days on top."
SCARBOROUGH: "Let's have a cake."
]BRZEZINSKI: "Trump has now been on the top for hundredth days and his support in the early voting states has been largely similar. We have a brand new poll out of the pivotal New Hampshire primary that Bloomberg Politics [indecipherable] finds Trump in a lead 24 percent, with Ben Carson seven points back at 17 percent. Jeb Bush is third and Senator Marco Rubio being forth. The poll also finds New Hampshire primary Republican voters believe Donald Trump is most ready to be president ... Joe, Trump dominates."

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