State Dept Spox Disagrees with IG over Cyber Security Failures

‘Overall we disagree with the characterization of our cyber security program’


REPORTER: "Still on cyber. Do you have a comment on the story today about the less than stellar record of the State Department regarding cyber security, particularly under ex Secretary Clinton's time, but also continuing into Secretary Kerry's tenure." 
TONER: “Sure. Couple of things I'd like to say actually to that, Bret. I'd say that overall we disagree with the characterization of our cyber security program in that article that you mentioned. Department has a very strong cyber security program as I think I said in the article that we successfully defeated almost 100 percent of the 4 billion, and I will say that again, 4 billion attempted intrusions that we experience each year. And that's an important point that sets up apart. I think we are an outward facing agency. We are a target, so we get lots of attacks on a daily basis. Well, not on a daily basis, on a non-stop basis. So that's I think another important element here, is that--there is this, the federal information security management act which is, I think the acronym is FISMA ... 
During former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton tenure we did commence on a plan to implement continuous monitoring of IT systems, that is continued after departure. But something that was overlooked in the article at least is that State served as a model for the DHS' continuous diagnostic mitigation program which is now being rolled out to agencies government wide. Are we perfect? No. Do we have a progress to make? Certainly. But I would not characterize our program as lacking as was put  forth in the article."

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