Watters: After Last Night’s Feature, ‘L.A. Feces Slinger’ Is Now Behind Bars, a Big Win for Primetime

‘The homeless numbers actually went up’


WATTERS: “After light last night’s interview flooded with calls and did the right thing. They arrested the guy this morning. The Doug Flutie of duty sandy koufax of crap is finally behind bars. It’s a big win for “primetime.” But this fight is far from over. You see, there are Democrats like council woman raman like the noodle all over the country exacerbating the homeless crisis. They either ignore the proper or throw money at the issue and hopes it goes away. You and I both know it never works. In 2017, the city of San Francisco came up with this great idea, a 5 year plan. Who else had that cut the city’s homeless number in half. To achieve that goal they invested $350 million. Well, five years is up this December. And guess what happened? The homeless numbers actually went up. Last year governor Gavin Newsom did the same thing but with a lot more money. He announced a $12 billion homeless plan part of the California comeback. I hate to break it to you, but thousands of people have left.”

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