Watters: Dem Who Killed Republican Teen Is Back on the Streets, the Media Isn’t Even Talking About It

‘This is where we are as a country’


WATTERS: “This is where we are as a country. The media is not even talking about it. “primetime” broke the story nationally on Tuesday. It hasn’t been mentioned on any other network or cable channel. Cbs ran a piece online but forgot to mention that ellingson was being killed because he was a Republican. I’m sure that was just an oversight. Someone ran over a protester in charlottesville with their car. Remember that? And that case lives in infollow my. Now, flip the script. What if Trump, say we had to fight leftists and weeks later somebody literally murdered a teenager claiming he was a leftist? Buck Sexton joins me now. You can’t see it anywhere. This story is blacked out.”

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