Jean-Pierre Blames the Trump Administration for ‘Decimating’ the Immigration System

‘They’re using children, they’re using women and families as a political stunt’


JEAN-PIERRE: “Now, when you look at northern Central America, it has — the migration there, it has gone down the last three months by almost 43 percent. So we have a new type of migration that’s happening. All of our regional partners are dealing with that. We are talking with them, we’re in constant communication. This is why the stunt that Republican governors are doing is so shameful. It is so inhumane, because while we’re trying to fix a problem that was decimated, an immigration system that was decimated by the last administration, they’re not coming up with solutions. They’re using children, they’re using women and families as a political stunt, as a political ploy because they don’t want solutions at all. And so, I want to ask Governor DeSantis, why? Why is it that this is what you are doing? Why is it that you are doing this to children? To families? Where’s the solution?”

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