Jean-Pierre Refuses to Acknowledge the Inflation Act Was Disingenuously Named Citing ‘126 Economists’

‘It’s going to lower costs for Americans’


HAINES: “But do you think the name of it is a little misleading?”

JEAN-PIERRE: “I don’t, no —“

HAINES: “Because the only thing is the Congressional Budget Office says it would have a negligible effect on inflation, although it did lower prices. And agree, those are all good things. Does it really affect —“

JEAN-PIERRE: “It does. I will point you to 126 economists who have said this is going to be a change-maker. It’s going to have an effect on inflation, it’s going to lower costs for Americans. Just think about, we’re talking about prescription drugs, we’re talking about energy costs. We’re talking about day-to-day things, items that American haves to pay for. It’s going to deal with that, and the climate crisis. It’s going to put forth a historic amount of investment in making sure that we’re dealing with the climate crisis.”

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