Yahoo Finance: Big Pharma Companies Are Realizing There Is a Lot of Money and Global Opportunity in the ‘Vaccine Market’

‘Moderna was just a small biotech once upon a time and now look at where it’s at’


KHEMLANI: “Yes, so much money and so much global opportunity. So if you think about the unprecedented demand that we saw during the pandemic and also just sort of the trajectory that vaccines have had in the last several years, they’ve really been picking up not just in terms of accessibility, but also pricing. We’ve seen some more expensive vaccines. You typically think of them as inexpensive and relegated to preventing common diseases or diseases that you would see in developing countries. But it’s really expanded beyond that now. And market opportunity has really grown, and not just for the traditional players. We’ve seen some of the biggest vaccine makers didn’t really quite make it into the competition for Covid-19. New market opportunity looking at $163 billion by 2026.”

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