Lindsey Graham: ‘I’m Going to Fight for the Unborn Until My Last Breath’

‘I also reject the idea that we should be afraid to be pro-life’


GRAHAM: “You know, you can disagree with me about abortion. There’s some GOP candidates who approach choice. I’ll gladly support can GOP candidates win on the abortion issue in November so they can effectively fight. On the abortion issue. And when would the American people? Is that why you introduced this legislation for the elections? 70 was part of your plan? Sure totally a part of the plan. So here’s my plan. I’m going to fight for the unborn to my last breath. The states can do what they would like up to 15 weeks after that, I’d like to step in and say that’s the end of abortion on demand, except for rape, incest . Life of the mother. I don’t want a baby dismembered in California without me, speaking up. After 15 weeks. The right to life movement is about the unborn child. It’s not about geography.”

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