DeSantis Announces Steps to Combat the CCP: ‘They Buy All This Land...How Is That in Our National Interest?’

‘Today we are going to propose legislation to pass a bill to prohibit the purchase of these lands, including lands near military bases, by China’


DESANTIS: “Things like the CCP or a front group, company, or something, they’ll buy like all this land, farmland and all this other stuff, and you’re thinking, how is that in our national interest to be selling all this land? They pay a lot more than it’s worth and that’s why people are doing it. But from a national security perspective, is that something that we want to see? And a lot of times it will be companies that will put themselves out as private, but if you peel back the onion a little bit, they’re basically controlled by the Chinese government. So we think that that’s something that the U.S. as a whole needs to take much more seriously, and what we’re going to be doing in Florida is doing that.”

(via Twitter)

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