CDC Director Walensky Responds to Question if She Got Her Children Covid Booster Shots: ‘I Absolutely Did’

‘In fact one has already done so and the others are headed to do so’


WALENSKY: "I absolutely did! I got my kid boosted. I've encouraged them to go ahead and get the bivalent vaccine. In fact, one has already done so, and the others are headed to do so. Here is what I will tell you. Fortunately, children have fared better in this pandemic than our elderly. That is a good thing. But when we look at the leading causes of hospitalization, leading causes of death among our kids under the age of 18, Covid over the last two years has been one of the top five, it has been the highest infectious cause of hospitalization. So, really important, we know the vaccine protection can wane overtime. We have seen in laboratory studies that the bivalent vaccine has the potential to offer better protection for the variants that are circulating right now. So, we will wait to see what the FDA says about an updated vaccine, booster vaccine for our 5- to 11-year-olds, and we will make some decisions soon thereafter."

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