Trump: Elizabeth Warren ‘Wants To See Good Trade Deals’

‘Elizabeth Warren … doesn’t want to see the country lose 400 billion dollars a year to China in terms of deficit’

TRUMP: "I have received calls from the biggest people in this country saying, if you win, I'd love to represent--I'd love to. They would love to -- you know what? They have a lot of money."
RUHLE: "You know who wouldn't love it? Elizabeth Warren and she's going to stand on --"[crosstalk]
And -- I don't know. I think Elizabeth Warren as bad as it may sound doesn't want to see country lose $400 billion a year to China in terms of deficit, OK? I don't think so. And I think when you explain it even to her, even to people that you consider somewhat radical on the Left, believe me, they are going to want to see this being implemented. And these are not bad people. These are people that are tremendously successful people."

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