CBS’ Gayle King to Jeb: ‘Are You Sick and Tired of Donald Trump?’

‘He seems to be getting all of the attention in the race’

KING: “You know, during the Democratic debate Bernie Sanders said ‘the American people are sick and tired of your damn e-mails, Hillary Clinton’. Are you sick and tired of Donald Trump? He seems to be getting all of the attention in the race, and all of the other candidates are saying look we’re over here, we have something to say. How are you and your team dealing with the Donald Trump candidacy?”
BUSH: “First, I admire the fact that he’s politically incorrect. I think we’re a little too uptight as a nation. I admire the fact that he doesn’t feel embarrassed by his wealth. And what else do I admire about him? Let me think. (Laughter) [crosstalk] He’s got a great family. So —“
KING: “But is it frustrating —“
BUSH: “Now that I’ve got that out of the way —“
KING: “Is it frustrating?”
BUSH: “Look, ultimately people are going to want to know who’s going to sit behind the big desk. Who’s going to be making decisions that impact millions and millions of Americans? Are we’re going to be safe? Are we going to create a clime where people can rise up their income —“
ROSE: “But is anything about Donald Trump that makes you think we would not be safe and we would be worried if he was there”
BUSH: “I have no clue. That’s the point. He hasn’t shared his views. When he talks about foreign policy he talks about how Putin ought to go take care of ISIS. And the week before ISIS ought to take care of Assad. He would send refugees back to Syria, to their slaughter. I mean these are serious times. And I think you need a person who has the temperament and the leadership skills to fix the things that are broken and do it with passion and conviction. But also have the skills to lead. And over the long haul, I think that’s — that’s the lane I’m going to stay in. And I believe I’m going to be effective at doing it. I don’t know about Donald Trump’s views of leadership, because he talks about himself the whole time, rather than what he would do.”

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