Michael Cohen: Trump ‘Won’ the Dem Debate; ‘He Is the Rembrandt of Twitter’

‘Last night Donald Trump, in my opinion, won the debate ... he is the Rembrandt of Twitter’

COHEN: "So Anderson, look how he commanded the crowd there today in Virginia, right? Donald Trump creates massive crowds, the biggest ever. He creates great ratings, whether it's '60 Minutes', 'Meet the Press', whether it's the CNN debate, the Fox debate, whether it's George Stephanopoulos. [crosstalk] He creates great ratings. Why? Because the silent majority wants to hear what Donald Trump has to say! Donald Trump last night --"

COOPER: "Do you really think it is --"

COHEN: "I think Donald Trump won the debate last night and can I tell you why."[crosstalk]

COOPER: "Hold on. Do you believe that they want to hear positions on issues? Because it seems like in his standard speech, it's a lot of the same stuff over and over again --"

COHEN: "I don't think so -- [crosstalk]. Actually, if you want to see, Donald Trump was number one on the economy, number one on immigration, number one on defeating ISIS. The people trust him because he's a doer --"

COOPER: "Do you --"

COHEN: "Let me say this, last night, Donald Trump, in my opinion, won the debate. And it's crazy. He's the Rembrandt of Twitter [crosstalk]. 147,000 new followers in one night -- 147,000  to Hillary's 25,000 during a Democratic debate. Six times that of Hillary."

COOPER: "OK. Let me ask you though. In terms of actually spending money on ads and things like that, to Anna's point, he's been incredibly successful at using the media, he's done stuff from New York and he has had these huge events. He generates coverage no matter what he does, his tweets generate coverage, as you pointed out last night and every day. Do you -- is he going to start making a lot of ad buys and actually putting money, a lot of money into this race?"

COHEN: "I think it's really gross in all honesty that Hillary is talking about raising $2 billion to win the presidency; others with $100 million Super PACS. Donald Trump won't take any money from anybody."

COOPER: "I know, is he going to spend any money?"

COHEN: "Why should he? He commands the media and not because Donald Trump commands the media, because the media wants Donald Trump. He brings ratings. he brings --"

COOPER: "Anna?"

NAVARRO: "It's a symbiotic relationship. Does he bring ratings? Absolutely. Does it bring him to be in the headlines and make him higher profile and that we're talking about him all the time, absolutely. To his point, I think he's got a point. Why should he when he's getting more in earned media than anybody is able to buy in paid media."

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