CNN Hypes Hillary’s ‘Surgical Precision’ at Democratic Debate

‘It was not Hillary Clinton’s first rodeo – running down a debate check list with surgical precision’

CNN Hypes Hillary's 'Surgical Precision' at Democratic Debate (NewsBusters)

CNN lived up to its nickname of the "Clinton News Network" on Wednesday, as New Day played up how Hillary Clinton checked off an apparent "debate check list with surgical precision," as John Berman put it. Chris Cuomo hyped that viewers "got to see Hillary Clinton at her best." Berman also glossed over the liberal politics in the Democratic Party by underlining Clinton's "appeal to the grassroots and pragmatic wings of the party."

Cuomo and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota exclaimed, "What a night!" as they led the morning-after coverage of the Democratic presidential debate. The brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continued with his "Hillary Clinton at her best" line. Camerota added that "Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee also had some really compelling moments."

Berman led his report by underlining that "before last night, the five Democratic candidates had done a combined total of 25 presidential debates between them. Hillary Clinton accounted for all twenty-five; and to an extent, that really showed last night." He then spotlighted Clinton's supposed "debate check list:" 

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