Cruz: The Far-Left Has ‘Always Had a Antipathy for Christians’

‘I’ve described Obama as the perfect Harvard law school president because he reflects the views of the elite academy’

HANNITY: “All right, let me ask about what you just heard from the president. I mean, he sat in the pews of Wright for 20 years, lectures Christians repeatedly now, you know, horrible deeds done in the name of Christ, and bends over backwards on the issue of Islam! How do you interpret this president? Add to that the Iranian deal, which to me is a matter of madness and insanity. What do you make of it?”
CRUZ: “Listen, the far left has always had a strong anti-American streak, and it's always had an antipathy for Christians. That is true of the far left. It's been true from the very beginning. And so you know, you listen to Reverend Wright's sermons, they're stomach turning, but they reflect the views of the hard left. You know, Obama was four years ahead of me at Harvard law school, and I've described Obama as the perfect Harvard law school president because he reflects the views of the elite academy. Now, when Obama and I were both students -- this is not an exaggeration, Sean -- there were fewer presidents -- fewer professors on the Harvard law school faculty who were Republicans than there were communists. More professors, if you asked them, would say, I'm a Marxist. That's the world Obama came from. And if you look at the elite academy, if you look at the far left, they view America's role in the world as fundamentally illegitimate. You listen to what Jeremiah Wright is saying, America's foreign policy, in their view, has been wrong. It is oppression It is hegemony. Now, you and I both know that is utter nonsense. America has been an incredible force for good in this world. No nation in the history of the world has spilled more blood or treasure for freedom. And yet the far left, out of which Barack Obama rose, despises American leadership in the world. If you want to understand where ‘leading from behind’ comes from, it is from those fever pitches of the far left that believe America's leadership in the world is wrong, and that's why the world has gotten so dangerous with America no longer leading.”

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