O’Malley Backpedals on Saying Clinton’s Email Scandal Is a Legitimate Issue

‘We don’t have to be defined by the email scandal, instead we can talk about issues that matter most to people’

COOPER: “Governor O’Malley, you expressed concern on the campaign trail that the Democratic Party is, and I quote, ‘being defined by Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal.’ You heard her answer, do you still feel that way tonight?”

O’MALLEY: “I believe that now that we’re finally having debates, Anderson, that we don’t have to be defined by the e-mail scandal, and how long — what the FBI’s asking about. Instead, we can talk about affordable college, making college debt free, and all the issues. Which is why — and I see the chair of the DNC here, look how glad we are actually to be talking about the issues that matter the most to people around the kitchen table. (Laughter) (Applause) We need to get wages to go up, college more affordable —“ [crosstalk]

COOPER: “Thank you, governor.”

O’MALLEY:”And we need to make American 100 percent clean electric by 2050.”

COOPER: “I want to talk about issues of race in America, for that I want to start of with Don Lemon. Don?”

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