Zeleny on Clinton’s Numbers: ‘She’s Definitely in Command of This Race’

‘Right now she is doing very well, and if Joe Biden decides to stay out she does even better’

CAMEROTA: “Let’s look at the numbers. These are Democrats’ choices for who they would like to vote for. And the numbers for Clinton are impressive. She gets 50 percent of those Democrats in Nevada. Sanders gets 34 percent. Biden, if he chooses to get in, 12 percent. Jeff, what do you see here in these numbers?”

ZELENY: “There’s no question that Hillary Clinton is doing very well in Nevada. We don’t talk about Nevada a lot, but it is an important, important state. It comes directly after New Hampshire. In this series of first four voting states. So right now she’s doing very well. If Joe Biden decides to stay out, she does even better. She goes up to 70 percent. I’m sorry, she goes up to 58 percent; and Bernie Sanders is at 36 percent. So look, she’s definitely in command of this race. And the Nevada electorate is very interesting. Hispanic voters, of course, very important. And it’s also a key battleground in the general election here. So Nevada is an important state for her. And so far, she’s doing very well.”

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