Halperin: McCarthy Did More To Help Clintons’s Campaign than James Carville

‘She comes into this with some positives, some momentum’

HALPERIN: "Well, look, she’s doing two things at once. On foreign policy, she’s trying to establish that she is more hawkish and — and eventually, I think, her campaign and she will say Bernie Sanders is not the same level to be commander-in-chief as she is. On domestic policy, there is still a great deal of fear on the part of the Clintons that Bernie Sanders is more in line with the party, not just as an outsider and someone saying we’re going to have a revolution, but the party would prefer single payer over ObamaCare. The party would prefer to say absolutely not to the Keystone Pipeline. The party would prefer to say trade deals are bad for workers. She comes into this with some positives, some momentum. Her “Saturday Night Live” appearance was very good. And Kevin McCarthy did more to help her presidential campaign than James Carville..."

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