O’Malley: ‘Much of This Benghazi Investigation Is a Partisan Exercise’

‘I think it certainly underscores that much of this Benghazi investigation is a partisan exercise’

BASH: "Democrats are just two days away from the CNN debate. And they find themselves intrigued by a 74-year-old self-described socialist senator, who is climbing his way up the early state primary polls with progressive talk that is really exciting the base. And it's a surprise to a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters, who thought that the man sitting next to me would be the progressive threat. He's former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. And he's joining me live. Thank you so much for coming in. Let --"
O'MALLEY: "Thank you."
BASH: “I want to start with what we reported this morning, Jake Tapper’s interview with Bradley Podliska, the former — now former investigator on the Benghazi Committee.”
O’MALLEY: “Right.”
BASH: “How do you think this plays out? Do you think that this proves what Hillary Clinton has said, that this is simply a partisan exercise?”
O’MALLEY: “Well, I think it certainly underscores that much of this Benghazi investigation is a partisan exercise. I think we’re missing, though, some of the larger lessons of Benghazi, the most important one being this, that we have not, as a nation, made the investments in human intelligence on the ground in these countries that are so unstable and on the verge of nation-state failure, so that we can understand who the new leaders are that are emerging leaders when a dictator’s time on this planet comes to an end. I believe that’s what Ambassador Stevens was trying to do. But he didn’t have the tools, and we have not invested as a nation in the intelligence, human intelligence, on-the-ground intelligence, necessary to identify the next generation of leaders.”

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