Watters: ‘China Has Joe Exactly Where They Want Him’

‘They own Joe’


WATTERS: "A bombshell. New report in the daily mail today, claiming two of Hunter Biden’s shiny business partners met with Joe Biden inside the White House while he was vice president. It is a 15th meeting we’ve learned about from the guy who claims he doesn’t know anything about anything. What was Joe thinking, bringing these shady Chinese oil tycoons into the west wing? We don’t know. Again, this is proof the president is compromised. China has Joe exactly where they want him. Today the Chinese openly taunted the White House, firing ballistic missiles over taiwan, and sending warships to circle the island. They also slapped sanctions on nancy and suspended all talks with Washington. China says, quote, we cannot allow the U.S. to take itself as world policemen and treat other countries like George Floyd, who can bully and strangle at will. Wow. China just played Joe Biden’s race card on him. In other words, they said go to hell. Nancy Pelosi’s response?"


PELOSI: "They may try to keep taiwan from visiting or participating in other places, but they will not isolate taiwan by preventing us to travel there. We will not allow them to isolate taiwan."


WATTERS: "But here’s the thing. The Chinese aren’t afraid of Nancy Pelosi. I mean, who can talk some sense into China? I mean, and they know Joe Biden won’t touch them. They own Joe. Besides, no one should bother Joe right now. He just tested positive for Covid for the seventh millionth day in a row. Plus, Joe is telling the Chinese, hey, I’m not even the president.”


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