Kirby: Biden Was Right to End Afghanistan War

‘Keeping troops indefinitely in Afghanistan was not serving the greater national interests’


KIRBY: “I think one of the things that we’ve seen over the last year is the rightness of the President, his decisions to end this war, which really has helped put us on a stronger strategic footing around the world because we’re not now focused with such a footprint of American troops in Afghanistan where, quite frankly, the terrorism threat to the country had not metastasized much, much larger that Al-Qaeda is moving to other places around the world. It was a chance to refocus and rebalance our strategic focus as well as our footing around the world. So I think we’ve seen now in the past year — just look at what we’ve been able to do and help support Ukraine. Look at how we’ve been able to help rally so much of the international community over what’s going on with respect to Taiwan.”

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