Karine Jean-Pierre on the Monkeypox Outbreak: We Understand How the LGBTQ Community Feels

‘It’s very concerning’


JEAN-PIERRE: “Look, you know, this is a — this is a time that — that — yeah, we understand how the community feels. It’s very concerning. And I want to be really careful because I — it’s important that we don’t stigmatize any community. And so — and so that is also important for us. Look, the President is going to do everything that he can to make sure that we end this outbreak. He is working on this. His team is working on this every day. He’s regularly updated. He knows what’s happening. He knows how this is being handled. He knows that we are doing everything that we can to increase the va- — the vacc- — the vaccine supply, which is going to make a difference.” 

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