Barrasso: ‘The Price of Gas Today at the Pump Is Still $2 a Gallon More than It Was when Joe Biden Took Office’

‘Joe Biden’s trying to take a little victory lap now, saying that the price at the pump isn’t as sky high as it was earlier’


BARRASSO: “Joe Biden is trying to take a little victory lap now saying that the price at the pump isn’t as sky high as it was earlier. So much of inflation is related to energy, and what we know is the price of gas today at the pump is still $2 a gallon more than it was when Joe Biden took office. So there has been a bit of a decrease in demand because people can’t afford to drive at $5 a gallon for gasoline. Can’t — they’ve had to change the way they live, they drive, they work. All of those things have had to be changed. And what we hear from folks that look at this is that the average family has spent over $1,500 in the past year for energy higher than they had the year before, all of it as a result of the policies of Joe Biden and this administration.”

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