Carlson Slams ‘Plagiarist’ Fareed Zakaria: So Victor Orban Is Now a Nazi Because He Wants National Borders?

‘It’s almost unbelievable they aired something like that’


CARLSON: "So, a year ago today we were in Hungary and we had a chance to speak to the prime minister of that country, Viktor Orban, and we were deeply impressed by that conversation. Orban explained that as Hungary's leader, he has embraced strong families, national sovereignty, the principles upon which all thriving countries are based. Saying that out loud has made him the most-hated leader in the world, far more than, say, Xi of China, who runs a fascist ethno state. On CNN on Sunday, plagiarist Fareed Zakaria once again tried to smear Hungary and Viktor Orban in the laziest possible terms. He argued that Viktor Orban's Hungary is on its way to becoming Nazi Germany."

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