Swalwell: Biden Is Attacking Inflation By Going After Oil Companies and Working with Oil Producing Countries

‘We are a party that gets things done’


SWALWELL: "Well, we are a party that gets things done, right? We are party that sees inflation is a real issue. I get it, I do grocery shopping for three kids in diapers in our house. But we’ve attacked inflation. The President went after the oil companies and worked with countries that produce oil, and you are seeing gasoline, it’s been down 32 cents over the last four weeks. The Republicans, they just pander to grievances and they don't have a plan. But I actually think this election is about freedom: the freedom for a woman to make her own health care decision, the freedom for your kids to be free from gun violence and the fear of gun violence, and the freedom for you to have your vote counted when you cast it. Those two freedoms are on the line with Republicans in the majority."

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