Conway: The Only Difference Between Biden and Newsom Is that Newsom Can Do 30 Minutes on a Peloton Bike

‘They both don’t like dealing with Kamala Harris’


CONWAY: “Sean I sure hope so. The only difference between him and Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom is that he could do a full 30 minutes on the palatine bike. Retired about border versus a surfboard or policy is the same. You’re both socialists. They both don’t like dealing with Kamala Harris. I think the age difference is irrelevant when you talk about the policy similarities. Everything woke Joe Biden is trying to do in Washington, D.C., with democratic rule, Gavin Newsom has ever tried to do or has succeeded in doing and awoke one party democratic rule in California. What is his greatest export? He is against oil and gas. Is against fracking in California. He of course open Hollywood before you opened your children’s schools in California California.“

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