Sanders on WSJ Report: ‘It’s Not Really a Fair Analysis’ of My New Spending

‘They forgot to tell the American people they would not be paying private health insurance costs at all’

BRZEZINSKI: “OK, you — said there are a list of policies and things that you would like to do — if you were to — win the nomination and move on to the presidency. But they run up quite a bill. $18 trillion in new spending over a decade according to The Wall Street Journal. That could pose a problem in a debate with a Republican opponent?” 
SANDERS: “Well, first of all — The Wall Street Journal. We responded to their analysis, and it’s really not a fair analysis. Of that $18 trillion, 15 trillion has to do with health care. And the view, my view and my position, that  we have got to move to either mega-careful, or single-payer — system. What they forgot to tell the American people is that whether you like single payer or not, the evidence is overwhelming that it’ll be less expensive than the current dysfunctional system that we now have. They forgot to take that in to the consideration. They forgot to tell the American people they would not be paying private health insurance costs, at all. So, I think that was disingenuous on the part of The Wall Street journal. But having said that, do I believe that we should create millions of jobs by rebuilding if — that we should make public colleges, universities tuition free? Yes. Do I believe we should make colleges and universities tuition free? And we pay for that by imposing a tax on Wall Street speculation. So, I think we are going to spend a lot of money, but we’re going to create a lot of jobs and we are going to pay for everything that we are proposing.”

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