NYT’s Peters: Obama Admin Finds Clinton To Be Frustrating, Maddening and Inauthentic

‘It drives them absolutely crazy’

BRZEZINSKI: "Clinton's announcement yesterday that she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership isn't the first time she's broken with the Obama administration so far in this campaign. This week, she called the president's immigration policies into question. Last week she proposed doing away with the Affordable Care Act, so called 'Cadillac Tax', aligning herself with organized labor. And last month, she came out against the Keyston XL Pipeline, which the administration hasn't, yet, decided on. Jeremy Peters, some might say this is just someone who will say whatever it takes to get elected, and has absolutely no positions that she really believes in. Is that too tough?"
PETERS: "I think that is the frustration inside the Obama Administration. I was talking to somebody who is a very senior who was formerly with the administration yesterday about this. And -- this is everything that they always found so frustrating, maddening about the Clintons. It is this kind of inauthenticity, this very careful political calculation. And, you know, It's kind of odd-- I was -- I was for, before I was against it. And it just -- it drives them absolutely crazy."
SCARBOROUGH: "And it's -- Sam, it's flip flopping. I mean, you -- you know -- you can see in -- whether it's Keystone, whether it's same sex marriage, whether it's TPP. You can see why Bernie Sanders is doing so well. It's because the Clintons flip flop, switch positions, and then you drag them to the -- the finish line kicking and screaming every step of the way. Whether it's about e-mails which could have been taken care in about two days if they'd been aggressive about it; or whether it's Keystone,  or whether it's same sex marriage, or whether it's trade agreements."

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