Conway: The White House Is Now Functioning Like an Assisted Living Facility

‘We don’t need to go 7500 miles from the White House to Saudi Arabia to get energy’


CONWAY: “What inconsequential unremarkable policies from Gavin Newsom’s California with over 700,000 people leaving in the last six to seven years, 128 — I just saw that they had 150,000 fentanyl pills in the last three weeks. And then the drug traffickers were released because of liberal — we all know the price of gas. We know the homelessness. Things are so bad for Biden Gavin Newsom thinks that somehow he can export that disastrous record onto the rest of the country. I actually have to put kamala up there with newsom. Apparent live she is reaching out to donors as well. Right now, jesse, the White House functions like an assisted living facility. It’s no longer fun y and no longer fair to us in America. We deserve a president and commander-in-chief who has a command of the English language. A command of his steps. Is he pointings to the air looking for his chair when is he abroad. If you can’t find your seat at the table, you don’t deserve to have one.”

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