Trump: ‘What Happens When the Bad Guys Have the Assault Weapons and You Don’t?’

‘You know who is not going to have the assault weapons? The people – the law abiding people won’t have it’

TRUMP: “The bad guys are going to have them, Chris. You can say, OK, we're not going to have them. You know who's not going to have the assault weapons? The people, the law-abiding people won't have them.” 
CUOMO: “But do you think –“
TRUMP: “But the bad guys won't even look at it. It's like the whole thing with the magazines. You can't put more than seven bullets in a magazine. Now they'll have you can't put more than two bullets in a magazine. You know, the law-abiding people will listen and they'll do what they have to do –“
CUOMO: “So you're open to the assault weapons, too?”
TRUMP: “But the bad guys, the bad guys, you think they're going to say, ‘Oh gee, the law says I'm going to only put seven bullets in a magazine’?”
CUOMO: “Well, just because people are going to break a law doesn't mean that you don't have a law. But you're saying that you're OK with assault weapons, as well?”
TRUMP: “Well, you have to be, because the bad guys are going to have them anyway. And the answer is yes. And, you know, a lot of that stuff is used for recreational purposes. They use it for recreational purposes. But you're not going to have problems with people that are law-abiding people. But what happens when the bad guys have the assault weapons and you don't?”


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