Rubio: The Water Donald Trump ‘Is Very High Quality Water’

‘Apparently, the water is a very high quality water’

LAUER: Let's turn now to the race for the White House, and there's movement on the Republican side. In the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, that’s a national poll, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is now tied for third place. And what a coincidence, Marco Rubio, good morning.”

RUBIO: Good morning, thanks for having me.

LAUER: “Nice to see you, Senator, how are you?”

RUBIO: “Good.”

LAUER: “So you're one of the first people we've been able to see here in the last month or so where can I say you had a good September.”

RUBIO: “We feel good about it. I mean, we felt good about the entire campaign. It's a long road but it's a lot of fun to do this, to go out around the country and get to meet people and talk about the issues.”

LAUER: “Good news, bad news. Good news, the polls are up and bad news that makes you a target for some of your opponents. Let me tell you what some people are saying about you. Jeb Bush is telling people that when he was governor of Florida he led and you followed. Donald Trump has apparently sent you some kind of a gag gift meant to poke fun of the fact you have a tendency to perspire. From the other side, Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted, ‘Someone had to say it, Marco Rubio is no foreign policy whiz kid.’ Flattered?”

RUBIO: “Yeah. I mean, look, this is what happens. When people are running for office, they’re looking for something that’s going to give them a competitive advantage and if they think talking bad about someone is going to give them that, then that's what they’re going to do. And as far as – I’m – apparently the water is very high quality water, it's top-notch water that he sent us, that Donald Trump sent us, so we're grateful for the gift.”

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