Trump: I Would Have Responded to Oregon Shooting by Talking About Mental Health

‘A lot of the institutions that should have been helping are closed because of budget’

VAN SUSTEREN: “Tonight, ‘On the Record,’ Donald Trump and nothing is off limits from the evil mass shooting at a community college in Oregon to Dr. Ben Carson’s sudden surge in at least one poll and even this weekend Saturday Night Live spoof of Donald Trump. The current GOP front-runner hitting hard on a wide range of topics. One thing is 100 percent certain, the billionaire businessman never shies away from speaking his mind. And a short time ago Donald Trump went ‘On the Record.’

[clip starts]

VAN SUSTEREN: “Donald, nice to talk to you.”

TRUMP: “Hi, Greta.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Donald, if you were president, when we had another shooting much like we had in Oregon, how would have you responded to it and is there any sort of – what’s your sort of plan or strategy to stop these shootings?”

TRUMP: “Well, Greta, I would have really responded by talking about mental health because a lot of the institutions that used to be open or closed because of budget reasons and a lot of other reasons, but budgetary reasons in New York it happened. In California it happened. They are closing a lot of these institutions where they take care of people that have mental problems. But I would have certainly talked about mental health as opposed to guns. The president talks about guns. And it's not the guns that do the shooting. It’s the people. It’s the mind that does the shooting. So I would have been much more focused on that.”

[clip ends]

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