Clinton Claims She Would Never Have Gone After Republicans for ‘Political Reasons’

‘They chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons’

GUTHRIE: “You mention your Republican rivals making hay of this.”

CLINTON: “Right.”

GUTHRIE: “I have to ask you, if the tables were turned and it was Dick Cheney or Karl Rove who had a private e-mail account and a private server on which they conducted all their government business, would you be as understanding?”

CLINTON: “I would never have done that. Look at the situation that they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons. The death of four Americans in Benghazi. I knew the ambassador. I identified him. I asked him to go there. I asked the president to nominate him. There have been seven investigations led mostly by Republicans in the Congress. And they were nonpartisan and they reached conclusions that first of all I and nobody did anything wrong but there were changes we could make. This committee was set up as they have admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans. I would have never done that, and if I were president and there were Republicans or Democrats who were thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.”

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