Neil Cavuto Calmly Pushes Back at Bret Baier, Says Trump Needed Just One Key Figure to Throw the Country into Chaos After 2020 Election

‘But if one of them had buckled, it would be a very different, different moment’


BAIER: “The premise here from the chairman, Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney is that we were on the brink of losing our democracy. If anything, I think this testimony shows – not only the Arizona House speaker – all of the state officials, these officials in DOJ who, again were working for President Trump, stood up, saying we have an oath to the Constitution.

If anything, I think it proves that we were not close to that. And even though the president wanted to keep on trying to overturn the election, that there were patriots along the way who said we can’t do this. So I’m not sure that that premise sells with all the witnesses that they’re putting forward.”

(Via Mediaite)

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