Fox’s Doocy to Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Is That the Choice, $5 a Gallon Gas or a $61,000 Electric Car?’

Jean-Pierre: ‘That’s apples and oranges, it’s not the same’

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DOOCY: "Right now who can afford an electric car? The average price is $61,000."

JEAN-PIERRE: "We’re going to continue to move forward with — we have put forward the bipartisan infrastructure — (crosstalk)"

DOOCY: "Is that realistic? Is that the choice, $5 a gallon gas or a $61,000 electric car?"

JEAN-PIERRE: "That is not — first of all, you're — that’s apples and oranges, it's not the same. What we’re trying to do right now is to deal with an acute problem right now, which is why the President, again, asked for a 90-day suspension of the gas tax, the gas tax holiday. It is going to make a difference. Peter, we’re talking about 18 cents on the federal — on the federal level.”

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