NM Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Existing Red Flag Law: No Red Flag Law in Any Way, Shape or Form Is Going to Change a Criminal’s Mind

‘I had 28 years of dealing with the criminal mind out there’


HAMILTON: "I can tell you right now, a temporary restraining order issued to an individual that says you can voluntarily turn your firearms in and 48 hours is not going to be adhered to it all."
KAYE: "And that's where this sheriff takes issue with the law. Adopted in 2020, New Mexico's red flag law known as the Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act, does not allow law enforcement to see someone's weapons outright. Instead, it gives an individual 48 hours to voluntarily relinquish their firearms to law enforcement after being served."
HAMILTON: "How is allowing an individual self compliance with an order who is not thinking correctly? How is that saving the community? How is that in any way shape or form solving the problem?"

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