MSNBC: NH Poll Shows DeSantis Closes Gap with Trump

‘The poll also shows DeSantis would outperform Trump against Joe Biden’


GEIST: “... has closed the gap with Donald Trump. Eight months ago Trump led DeSantis by 25 points in a University of New Hampshire poll. Now, DeSantis leads by two points. A statistical tie with Donald Trump in that poll in the state of New Hampshire. The poll also shows DeSantis would outperform Trump against Joe Biden. Trump loses to Biden in this poll by seven points. DeSantis and Biden locked in a statistical tie, DeSantis with a one point edge. So, Joe, it’s one poll. It's a tiny sample size. All of those caveats, of course, but when you look at the trendline there in just a few months, Ron DeSantis closing the gap by 25 points maybe at least in New Hampshire and perhaps elsewhere, people are looking for someone else who can be that cultural warrior without all the Trump baggage.”

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