Terrell: Dems Will Not Address the Crime Issue... Why? Because That’s BLM, That’s Antifa

‘The Democrats are soft on crime’


TERRELL: “I’ll tell you because the Democrats did not prioritize crime in the city. That’s their bait and shawn you scroll those names every day and let’s not forget the two officers who were murdered in l.a. county. The bottom line is simply this. The Democrats are soft on crime. They want to say that their systemic racism and discrimination, those five democratic series cities you people of color being killed by people of color and by different other groups. And if Democrats won’t do anything about it why? Black Lives Matter. That’s antifa what you have? You have soft on crime prosecutors. If amir New York City sean who likes to party. The bottom line is simply this, the people who the Democrats allegedly care about people of color in these democratic cities they don’t care about them. It is not addressed the issue because if they address the issue sean they would have to acknowledge that they do not care and are knocking to stop this.”

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