Obama: Defunding Planned Parenthood ‘Would Wreck Entire U.S. Economy’

The videos ‘mischaracterized what Planned Parenthood does’

BARACK OBAMA: "The math is the math. And what I've encouraged is that we get started on that work immediately. And we push through over the next several weeks and try to leave out extraneous issues that may prevent us from getting a budget agreement. I know for example that there are many Republicans who are exercised about planned Parenthood. And I deeply disagree with them on that issue. And I think that it's mischaracterized what planned Parenthood does. But I understand that they feel strongly about it. And I respect that. But you can't have an issue like that potentially wreck the entire U.S. economy. Any more than I should hold the entire budget hostage to my desire to do something about gun violence. I feel just as strongly about that. And I think I've got better evidence for it. But the notion that I would threaten the Republicans that unless they passed gun safety measures that would stop mass shootings, I'm going to shut down the government and not sign an increase in the debt ceiling would be irresponsible of me. And the American people rightly would reject that. Well, same is true for them. There are some fights that we fight individually. They want to defund planned Parenthood, there's a way to do it. Pass a law, override my veto."

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