MTG: All of Trump’s Staff Are Lying in Their Testimony

‘None of it is true’

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TAYLOR GREENE: "That is weird. Well, here’s what I make of it. I think they’re lying. They're making up an entire story and none of it is true. They’re lying about President Trump, all of his steps staff, they're lying about Republican members of Congress like Barry Loudermilk because they've recently attacked him and he's now receiving death threats. You know who they don’t interview and they aren’t having transcripts and they're not showing their interviews? They’re not showing Ray Epps. Where is Ray Epps and why didn’t I see him in the D.C. jail when he's one of the people that was clearly part of the effort to send people into the Capitol? And another thing I want to know is, why don’t we find out about why the National Guard wasn’t brought in to guard the Capitol? That was my third day on the job, Laura. I couldn’t even find the bathrooms in the Capitol Building because I didn’t know my way around, and I was shocked when that happened. I don’t know why Nancy Pelosi didn’t bring in the National Guard when so many people had requested it. But as for Adam Schiff, he’s always creating a story that’s not real. We’ve already been through it with the Russian hoax.”

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