Krauthammer: NSA Spying Has Brought Obama's Popularity to a New Low

'Liberal young people, they are apalled by the NSA ... and have a deep disappointment with Obama'

"The reason Obama, I think, has sunk below what they call in the stock market the support level -- a level at which if a stock goes below it looks like it could hit the floor -- is because his support level had been on the left and among the young. And it's the young I have discovered from extensive talks with my son and his friends -- hell of a sample -- not necessarily conservative ones, liberal young people, they are appalled by the NSA and that accounts for their distrust of government and their deep disappointment with Obama. It hasn't driven them to the right, but it's driven them to apathy. And that's why his numbers are going historically low. He lost the support he had and he's below support levels."

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