Krauthammer on Growth of ISIS: Obama Admin. Just Gave Putin Syria

‘This isn’t about the Russians taking on ISIS; this is about the Russians taking over Syria and keeping Assad as a client in place’

BAIER: "A bipartisan tank force with a new report on foreign fighters, calling the flow of foreign fight nears Syria and Iraq 'the largest global convergence of jihadists in history.' It finds that some 7,000 have been added in just the past few months alone.' Most from the Middle East and North Africa, but thousands from Europe and some 250 American who is have come back to the U.S. in some way, shape, or form. Let's bring in our panel. Joki Dreesen, managing editor of Foreign Policy and Mara Liason of NPR. Charles, the report is stunning if you take the big broad look at how big this threat is." 
KRAUTHAMMER: "It's huge. It's growing, it's unique, it's never happened when you compare it to the al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan. This is, it is historically unprecedented. But what's also unprecedented is the utter passivity of the United States. The real story this week is what happened at the U.N., where Putin essentially stepped in and took over Syria. He's now the leader. We had said two weeks ago I think it was the secretary of state, who said that the build-up of the Russians in Syria was doomed to fail. Two weeks later we have not only accepted it. We welcome it as a fight against ISIS. And we concede essentially that Assad will say under the protection of the Russians. And the irony is that the Russians aren't in there to fight ISIS. The Russians are in there to support Assad, establish their predominance in the region to bring in Iran and to establish military facilities. They have no interest in fighting Assad. The Russians launched a half a dozen drones earlier this week over Western Hamid and over Latakia. In not one of those areas is there a single ISIS fighter. This isn't about the Russians taking on ISIS. This is about the Russians taking over Syria and keeping Assad as a client in place. That's what happened even as the administration sputters because it has no idea what to do."

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