Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Alleviate Baby Formula Shortage

‘This disruption threatens the continued functioning of the national infant formula supply chain’


BIDEN: "I know parents all across the country are worried about finding enough infant formula to feed their babies. As a parent and as a grandparent, I know just how stressful that is. I want to provide a few updates on our work to get more formula into the United States and onto store shelves so it's available to you. Today, I’m invoking what they call the Defense Production Act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home. The Defense Production Act gives the government the ability to require suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufactures before any other customer who may have ordered that good. I'm also announcing Operation Fly Formula. That’s to be able to speed up the import of infant formula and start getting more formula in stores as soon as possible. “

(Via Mediaite)

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