DeSantis: ‘I Guess Maduro’s Oil Isn’t Causing Global Warming, But American Is’

‘They are intentionally reducing our ability to produce oil and gas here in the United States’

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DESANTIS: “Well, Dan, they — the energy policy is intentional. They are intentionally reducing our ability to produce oil and gas here in the United States. They will beg OPEC for more oil, they will beg Maduro for more oil. I guess Maduro’s oil isn’t global warming but American is. I mean, it’s nonsense. It’s ideology. But it’s very destructive and people are getting absolutely hammered with gas prices. And the overall inflation is attributable more than anything to Biden’s policy of printing trillions and trillions of dollars like they’ve done since he’s gotten into office. He was warned, you had Larry Summers, he was warned by Larry Summers and other Democrat economists, if you do this, you are going to spark inflation. And that’s a tax, Dan, on every single American. We’ve got people that may be making 7, 8 percent more year over year, but if the costs of everything to live are up 15 and 20 percent, and they are, the inflation is understating it when you look at the things that really matters, so I think it’s been absolutely failure in policy. And here is the thing: reverse course. Start producing more energy here in the United States. He could very easily do that. But yet, what does he do, as you just pointed out? They are still canceling oil and gas leases. They don’t want us to be energy independent, and they don’t care if you suffer at the pump.”

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